Curriculum Statement: Art & Design

 ‘Excellence, Truth and Grace’


Art and Design Intent


Art and design at Middleton Parish Church School enables children to develop their creative imagination, enabling them to communicate what they see, feel and think through a range of tools, media and materials. During their time at Middleton Parish, children are given regular opportunities to experiment, invent, create and evaluate their own works of art, craft and design and those of others including great artists, craft makers and designers. Children enjoy art and demonstrate excellence in their art work. By displaying it around school, we show how we value the children as artists, no matter where they are up to in their art journey. Grace is shown by children and staff, when commenting on art work created by other artists. Children develop respect and will understand art in context. They will develop social skills and an understanding of society through the artists and art work they research. Children will engage in the culture they live in whilst understanding and respecting the culture of others.


At Middleton Parish, our curriculum is designed to teach skills and techniques progressively and then revisit them at various points along their primary journey. This ensures that all children are able to learn, practice and develop as they move through the school. Children’s interests are captured through theme learning and past experiences, ensuring that links are made in a cross curricular way, giving children motivation and meaning for their learning. Throughout the key stages children’s experience of art and design is enriched by finding out about famous artists (past and present) and exploring our local environment, including our school forest and church for inspiration. We aim to ensure that all children are given high quality learning opportunities that build on our school’s Christian foundation, the children’s past experiences and the cultures of the community that surrounds our school.  We aim to increase the cultural capital for all of our pupils regardless of any previous exposure to art. 


During their time at Middleton Parish, the children will develop and progress through a range of art forms and progressive skills. These include; drawing, painting, collage, textiles, printing, sculpture and reviewing and evaluating. Children are exposed to range of different media, materials, tools and techniques. By the time children leave Middleton Parish, they will know how to control and use materials safely and creatively, whilst experimenting with and increasing their awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design. Through their art work, children will develop age appropriate concentration, perseverance, imagination, co-operation, self-improvement and curiosity.


Art and Design Implementation


We offer a structure and sequence of lessons to help teachers ensure they have covered the skills required to meet the aims of the National Curriculum. An art and design process is provided. This process is broken down into 8 sections. Each art topic can then be worked through by following the steps in the process.  Children have the opportunity to explore their ideas and record their experiences, as well as exploring the work of others and evaluating different, creative ideas. Children will learn new skills and revisit previously learnt skills.  Children will move on to planning a piece of work, designing their own piece, creating their piece and then evaluating and reviewing their own piece of work.

Children will develop their interest and curiosity about art and design through a series of lessons offering skills progression, knowledge progression and by offering children the opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate their new and previously taught skills in a variety of ways. The lessons will offer the chance for children to develop their emotional expression through art to further enhance their personal, social and emotional development.


As a school, we follow Rosenshine’s principles and flashbacks to previous learning are used in each lesson. This ensures that children know more and remember more. Furthermore, we ensure that missed learning is caught up by clever use of flashbacks and feedback each lesson to ensure that children can achieve the National Curriculum aims and end points by the time they leave Year 6. Children will learn how to evaluate and review their own work and be ready to make changes. In addition, they will demonstrate resilience by persevering with challenging tasks, whilst developing their own confidence and self-esteem as learners. They will see constructive feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement.


Art and design at Middleton Parish is a subject enjoyed by all, including children with additional needs. Children are on their own personal art journey and their work is valued and appreciated by staff, peers and parents.  Children may need extra support to use specific tools and adjustments are made as and when appropriate. All children take part in art and design lessons and where appropriate adaptive teaching methods may be used to ensure that all children can achieve to their full potential.


Art and Design Impact


Art and design learning is loved by teachers and pupils across school. Teachers have high expectations when teaching and quality evidence of children’s learning is presented in a variety of ways. All children use technical vocabulary accurately and are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified within the Art curriculum. At the end of each topic teachers can assess the children’s final piece against the National Curriculum end points.


Children show increasing resilience and perseverance by using reflection and feedback to evaluate and improve their own work. Children in school can speak confidently about their art and design work and the associated skills used within it. Staff assess art formatively by using verbal feedback or post it notes in sketch books with suggestions of review and reflection on their own work.


Children at Middleton Parish continue to make progress as they move through the Key Stages. The artwork produced gradually becomes a higher standard showing more intricate use of tools and techniques taught.  As children improve their enquiry skills and inquisitiveness about the world around them, and they are able to demonstrate the impact of their art and design learning in other areas of the curriculum. Children will become more confident in analysing their work and giving their opinion on their own and other works of art and design.



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