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Pantomime Time , by Miss Hoyle

5L Class Assembly, by Mrs fletcher

Fun with Commando Tim, by Mrs fletcher

Learning about jackals, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Creating globes, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Rainy Day Fun!, by Miss Callaghan

Forest School, by Miss Collins

Our First Forest School , by Miss Keogh

Water Resistance, by Ms Stoddard

Building An Aeroplane., by Ms Stoddard

Stem Week, by Ms Stoddard

Ancient Greece Day, by Mrs Warnock

STEM day 2019, by Mrs Warnock

China Day, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Crispy Cakes for the summer fayre, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Sports Week, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Visiting St Leonard's Church, by Mrs Jastrzebski

Forest School. 21/06/2019, by Ms Stoddard

Forces 16/6/2019, by Ms Stoddard

Recogniton Wall, by Ms Stoddard

PSHE Enterprise Day, by Mrs Warnock

Sports Week, by Miss Hoyle

Rochdale Football Club, by Miss Hoyle

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