Week beginning 11.05.20

To Our Amazing Year 6s,

This week you should have been sitting your SATs tests. Let us remind you all of a few things…

You are BRILLIANT, CREATIVE and SMART. Most importantly, you are all KIND, CARING, RESPECTFUL human beings, who will grow up and make a HUGE difference in our world!

We know how hard you have worked this year and throughout Primary School, we recognise your determination and perseverance and we understand that some of you may be feeling a little frustrated as you wanted to ‘prove’ yourselves, by sitting the SATs tests. Let us just reassure you, we do not need a test score to appreciate just how wonderful you are! You have all made great progress and this is a direct result of hard work – keep this up!

There is one last thing to remember, SATs tests would not have assessed all of what makes each of you special and unique. The people who create and score them would not know each of you the way that we do and certainly not in the way your families do.

We know that some of you speak two languages or that you love to sing and draw. We have seen your natural talent for dancing or playing a musical instrument. We know that your friends can count on you to be there for them and that your laughter brightens our day. We know that you participate in sports, wonder about the future or sometimes help your little brother or sister after school. We know that you are kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and that every day you try to be your very best.

The levels that you would have received from the tests might have told you something, but they would certainly not have told you everything. There are many ways of being SMART. You are SMART! Remember that there is no one way to test all of the wonderful things that make you, you!

Continue working hard and striving to be the best you can be. We know that you will start High School ready to make a positive contribution to society and indeed a huge difference in the world! We are so proud of you.

We will see you all again soon. With much love,

The staff at Middleton Parish Church School.

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