During this time at home.


  •  Take this opportunity to listen to the music you like as parents or guardians and share this with your children.
  • Mr Lloyd is going to make some videos of songs we like at school and share them down below. Play them and have fun. If you have instruments at home then use these to join in too.
  • At school we have Big Sing ask your children what songs they sing and find them on Youtube so you can learn them too.
  • See what they think of your taste in music.
  • If you have old vinyl records or tapes and the means to play them- children will find these fascinating.
  • Ask them to share their favourite music with you.
  • Introduce different musical genres to your children - e.g. classical ,modern,  contemporary opera theatre. Youtube is full of excellent examples.
  • Listen to orchestral music, band music, rock and roll, jazz and blues.
  • Music has the ability to lift our mood so have music playing during the day. Quiet soothing music can help at bedtime for us all to sleep.
  • If you have any instruments around at home in the loft maybe this is a perfect time to learn how to play them. There are so many free apps and websites that will teach you how to play any instrument.
  • You can learn some instruments by using an app. I know you can play piano tunes via piano apps on your tablets and computers.
  • Make some musical instruments from the things you have in your house. Like shakers from old platic bottles ( clean thoroughly) etc.
  • See what sounds can be made with things in your garden- old bins are great for makeshift drums and I am sure the neighbours will enjoy the sounds from their houses.
  • Karaoke nights can be fun and again these can be found on youtube or you may have an actual Karaoke machine.
  • Check out your game stations etc I know The Wii has many dance and musical games which are great fun for the whole family.
  • If you want to learn some facts and understand music in education then check out websites like primaryresources/music, twinkl, TES , CBeebies  Literacy Shed and many more.They all have year group music work for fun.



At the Parish we believe a music education will engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Music is also used to help children develop their understanding of and relationship with God through worship, praise and reflection.


At Parish we take great pride in our heritage as a church school. The ‘Big Sing’ is an opportunity each week to share new songs, thoughts and prayers. Children in all key stages are encouraged to take part during these reflection times .During the year, we develop musical skills further by encouraging children to share their  musical talents during these assemblies.


Singing Club

Music Service Instrument lessons.

  •      Guitar lessons .
  •  Keyboard lessons.
  •  Violin.



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