Eco Warriors

There are two representatives from Year 3 - Year 6

We have met each week during the year to plan and discuss issues within our school.  So far this year we have ensured that every class has a light monitor, who will switch the classroom lights off when their class exits the room. We successfully ran a 'Keep Parish Tidy Week' where we highlighted the responsiblity we all have to dispose of our rubbish around school correctly.  Currently we have begun a new walk to school initative with an organisation called Living Streets.  Each morning every child from Reception to Year 6 records how they travelled to school.  Those who walk or park and stride once a week in February will earn a living streets badge.  We are commited to reducing congestion around Springfield Road at the beginning and end of a school day and we hope lots of families will walk or park away from Springfield Road and join us in making this campaign a success.

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On the 20th June 2017 our Eco Warrior group met.  We discussed the Walk to School project that we are part of and have discovered that this initiative is being funded again for the next academic year 2017-2018.  As a result of running this project for the past five months we are curious to know what impact it has had on how children travel to school.  Next week the Eco Warriors will be surveying school to find out how many children are now walking to school.  In addition to this the Eco Warriors will be monitoring Springfield Road over the next couple of weeks to see if traffic congestion has been reduced around school at the beginning of the school day.