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Welcome to our class homepage!

You'll be able to see lots of the wonderful work we've been doing in our blog and you'll be able to download any important documents. The quickest way to get in touch is to email Miss Callaghan at the following address:

Espresso Education (pdf)


Newsletter for Spring 2017

Our curriculum for each term is published as a "booklet" which will allow you to refer to it whenever you wish. The link below will take you to a pdf version which you will be able to view on the screen or, if you have misplaced your hard copy, print out for yourself. With pdf you have the advantage of being able to increase or decrease the size of the text would you so wish.

Thank you to those of you who attended the Reception Reading Meeting. For those who couldn't attend, the slides that were used have been uploaded for your reference.

There will also be a practical workshop for anyone who would like further advice and demonstration of how we teach reading. This will be a very informal workshop where everyone is welcome and questions are encouraged!

We have also added the video which demonstrates how to pronounce each of the sounds correctly.

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